Quality Policy

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. aim to achieve the highest Quality standards. Quality is considered the capacity to satisfy clients’ expectations, needs, and requests, in addition to all mandatory requirements, and requires full commitment from all employees.

Quality constitutes our primary competitive edge. Our clients’ needs and expectations must be met. Quality is integrated into all company processes and company managers are responsible for quality results. Excellence in quality management is essential for achievement of positive results.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. in order to achieve company-wide Quality objectives, regularly analyze respective internal and external featurs, monitor and evaluate annually both company-wide risks and the opportunities that arise from such assessments.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. strengthen Human Resources through constant training and perfecting of professional and managerial capacities, and are attentive to appreciate and motivate all employees.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. distribute this QUALITY POLICY to the Quality departments within each organization and commits all employees to the proper implementation of the Quality system. The QUALITY POLICY is posted in all offices and operational departments of ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. to instruct and inform all employees and is delivered to new hires.
Interested parties will also find the QUALITY POLICY available on the company website.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. is committed to maintain and update the QUALITY POLICY upon all Executive managerial reviews, whereby company-wide improvement objectives are defined, in order to pursue continual requisite improvement.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. Management reaffirms its belief that only through Quality is it possible to face market competition, renews its commitment to satisfy the needs of each client together with contractual requirements and continual improvement of Quality system efficiency.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. / RACCORDI FORGIATI S.r.l. maintain the following objectives for Quality:
a) reduce expenses arising from non-compliance;
b) respect delivery dates;
c) achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction;
d) quantifiable and measurable objectives consistent with the above to be defined, disseminated and verified annually during Managerial review.

It is recognized that in order to respect the commitment and achieve the objectives indicated above it is necessary to efficiently maintain an activity regime developed expressly for this purpose, which is designated the Quality Management System.

All employees must comply with Quality Management System requirements and constituent documents without exception.

Alta Val Tidone, June 2018

Valter Alberici

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