Tectubi Raccordi participated with President Alberici at the EDF summit

We are pleased to announce that Valter Alberici, President & CEO of Tectubi Raccordi SpA, has been invited by EDF to the summit focusing on setting up a reliable and robust European supply chain platform for nuclear projects.
Valter Alberici highlighted Tectubi Raccordi SpA commitment to excellence and innovation, drawing on decades of experience and a proven track record in the industry.
He emphasized the critical importance of a strong European supply chain, focusing on the following key aspects:
- ensuring reliability through continuous training of the personnel and addressing critical issues such as counterfeit, fraudulent, and suspect items (CFSI);
- prioritizing innovation to meet stringent industry requirements;
- providing value-added solutions that simplify client operations.
Tectubi Raccordi SpA has been a partner with EDF and Framatome since the inception of the French nuclear fleet. Its commitment to the nuclear sector is evidenced by significant investments, including the creation of a dedicated nuclear cleanliness zone at the Podenzano factory and the establishment of key supplier partnerships.
In this regard, Tectubi Raccordi SpA is proactively undertaking several initiatives for EPR2 such as developing new facilities and upgrading existing ones, implementing advanced machining tools, establishing Tectubi France to improve support to clients, and investing in the French facilities BSL Pipes & Fittings and INTERFIT to prepare them for re-entry into the nuclear market.

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